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Our Process

Transforming Old Bowling Lanes


We acquire our bowling lanes from bowling alleys that have shuttered their doors for the final time and have them shipped in large quantities that are cut into 10-16 foot sections and everything in between.

Doug Cutting 3.jpg


After we organize them in our barn, we then move each lane into our shop and cut to the final length.

Cut Edge.jpg


We then plane each lane down top and bottom to about 2” in thickness

Drew Planing 3.jpg


After we plane, we then rout all corners and sand all sides, top and bottom to 180 grit

CNC Machine 2.jpg


If a custom piece is ordered that involves CNC work to be carved into it, we then do so.

CNC Carving 2.jpg


At this time we survey each piece and determine if we are going to fill in any larger nicks and dings, gaps or old nail holes. This is an exciting time for us, the lane shows itself to us and lets us know its history. This is why/where we call our product “perfectly imperfect”. We want each and every piece to be different from all others. Each lane lets us know how to proceed. In our eyes, this adds to the beauty and nostalgia of each and every piece.

Added Arrows.jpg


After which we sand the top and sides to their final 220 grit smoothness and prepare for the protective coating.

CNC Carving 3.jpg


After the lane is fully cured we place it snuggly into the metal frame and secure them to each other.

Metal frame.jpg


We layer on three to four thin coats of a water based polyurethane to help ensure the wood color stays true to form. We do not use oil based polyurethane because this tends to make the wood turn a “yellow/orange/amber” color which we find is much less desirable. Because of this choice we made, we do not recommend using or storing  our products outside.

Dining Table 5_edited.jpg


We then add table legs and hardware to ensure a proper fit. We attach all legs as a quality check upon making markings to help make your job easier during assembly.

U Style Table legs - Adjustable leveling feet.webp


We then send your piece of furniture out for shipping. At which point we sit back, enjoy a refreshing Ranch Water and call it a day.

Loading Semitrucks


We then wrap and package all products to get ready to ship to you.

Closing a Box
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