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A Family Based Business

Our Team

Barn Dog Woodshop is a family-based, small business that focuses on personalized, custom wood products. A father-and-son team, we bring our passion for design and woodworking into handcrafted creations ranging from furniture made from reclaimed bowling alleys to artistic coasters, charcuterie platters, end-grain cutting boards and live-edge river tables with epoxy. Working together in a converted barn on a local farm in central NJ has proven to be successful, as Doug confirms, “when the sawdust is flying in the woodshop and we see our product come to life, there is no better feeling!”



As a classically trained chef, Doug had spent over 20 years in the restaurant industry before transitioning to a career in kitchen design and construction, bringing in a chef’s unique point of view to ensure both function and distinctive beauty in the most important room of the house. The idea for the woodshop was born as Doug began building custom, handcrafted products for each of his clients. This has led to the transition into solely making furniture from reclaimed bowling lanes.

Doug and Drew.jpg


Around the same time, Drew, a proud Texas A&M Aggie, began to show an interest in computer-aided design, building on his passion for the fine arts. Investing in a CNC machine, the two began to collaborate on products such as drink coasters carved with a favorite drink formula, cutting boards with a passed down favorite bolognese recipe from Grandma or custom plaques for team awards. Drew has now morphed those ideas into custom “man-cave” coffee tables and even custom “man-cave” shuffleboard tables with your favorite college teams logo.

Drew Planing 3.jpg
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